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Where does Bracklesham and East Wittering need to be improved?

What’s not so great?

What do you want to see changed?

Tell us and make your voice heard.

Have your say – Let’s shape the future of Bracklesham and East Wittering together! The Bracklesham and East Wittering (BREW) Vision is a group led by East Wittering and Bracklesham Parish Council.

A community “Vision” provides a plan to improve a village, town or city, combining the needs and wants of the local residents and visitors to create a blueprint for the future to help make well thought through, required and strategic improvements to the area within the next 10 years.

As BREW, our objective is to act now to work on behalf of our community to drive our area forward. We are creating a Vision that sets out what we need to do to improve the look, feel and facilities in our villages. Although we are aiming high, we are also looking for short term improvements.

This project is community led and supported by Chichester District Council. This is our opportunity to shape the future of Bracklesham and East Wittering. We want to preserve this fantastic area for residents, visitors and local businesses alike.

WE NEED YOU to tell us what is most important to you so we have put together a short survey so that you can let us know.  This survey is open to all – residents, visitors and local businesses. Everything you feedback in this survey will be kept anonymous but will help us shape the overall plan. So, whatever you want to say, speak up – be heard!

Download the Vision PDF


Please note, The BREW Vision has no connection with and has no influence over the number of houses built in our area or where new houses are placed.  It will help the Parish Council to make better spending decisions for the developer contributions that we have already received from existing developments that have to be spent on capital community infrastructure projects and currently total just over £190,000. Please contact Chichester District Council directly about matters related to houses and planning.